There has always been a lot of talk about small business and company values.

How large organisation try to instil a set of corporate values in their organisations.

To work, they have to be:
– Real
– Honest
– Believable

You would think that a small business would find it easier than a large corporate to know what their values are.

So ask yourself what your small business values as a company are?
You sometimes have to do this when you are involved in submitting a tender and it can be challenging. I think that a good starting point is to ask your business clients what they value and to see how this matches with your own ideas.

If you know your values and what your client’s value, then you can make sure that you live up to them and get a better understanding of how you might differentiate yourself from your competition.
Studio 2 in their literature – ’10 Scientifically proven reasons for choosing Studio 2’ have done their homework.

1. We are experts in our field
2. We’re good listeners
3. We speak your language
4. We’re part of your team
5. We take it personally
6. We thrive on pressure
7. We’ll make you look good
8. We keep it simple
9. We’re absolute perfectionists
10. We’ll never let you down

It makes you feel confident that they know what they are doing and understand what a client values in them. I think they would match a lot of business values that a client would like and they are describing their ‘quality characteristics’ in a very down to earth way. By using cartoons to illustrate them they also show that they have a sense of humour and do not take themselves too seriously. See how other businesses follow this footpath of values.

Studio 2 Graphic Displays - 10 Tips for business values by Logo Rocket
Studio 2 explain we establish our business values in a humorous illustration style which makes a more easy and friendly manner to understand.

American coffee cups with printed values by Logo Rocket
Corporate brand identity design on coffee cups using their core business values.

American steakhouse road kill diner by Logo Rocket
How a business uses humour to communicate their product and service.

International flags on ship by Logo Rocket
Aeroplanes flying in sync.

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